Life on Board

The 'heads' experience

We may have mentioned once or more, that on-board a Volvo Open 70 you'll get a very real experience of ocean racing. Conditions are cramped, the 'galley' is a kettle and the heads are definitely an experience... Here's the lovely Kim giving you a taste of what you can expect.

Safety first - skills drilling for MOB

Knowing how to recover a man overboard quickly and safely is one of our top priorities in safety. This is not a boat that can stop on a dime, especially when she is fully powered up. Watch how we have been practicing our casualty recovery skills, so if it ever happens we can act fast.

Professional collaboration in safety

The UK Coast Guard has global recognition for their skills, so we were proud to be asked if we could help them with training for their helicopter high-line casualty recovery training. With no fixed back stays, our yacht poses specific challenges for them and it's vital that they practice for all eventualities. In this case, they were happily just relieving us of a packet of custard creams, but it was a fantastic experience for all involved.

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